It all began when Michel PELLETIER began his career in 1967 in  AERONAUTICAL CENTER IS / ROBIN, as an aircraft seller.
An exceptional career : he sold thousands of new and second-hand aircrafts, he had thousands of flight hours, with constant rigour and integrity.
From an early age, Pierre followed his father, discovered this world and became a very early passionate.

Younger pilot of France (when he was just fifteen years-old), he began his professional career five years later as an aircrafts seller at ROBIN.

A perfect path, motivated by an overflowing passion for his job, allowed him, as for his Father, to acquire an excellent professionnal reputation.
In 2006, his father Pierre left the company to develop a new activity : distribution of resolutely more modern products.

Nowadays, ATA is a famous name in the French Aviation industry, and a sign of reliability.

Our main partners DIAMOND AIRCRAFT, AEROPRAKT, CONTINENTAL MOTORS are right to relay on us.