In general aviation, DIAMOND AIRCRAFT is unmistakably the most innovative brand of these last twenty years.

The proposed, certified and produced concepts push aside the codes, and offer incredible characteristics.

We assure distribution and technical support of the brand in France since 2010 and we are very proud of it.

DA 20 :

Sporty, sleek and exciting, yet surprisingly affordable, the DA20 offers outstanding performance, with impressive durability and economy

DA 40 :

DA40 New Generation will always be a wise choice : This modern, reliable et composite aircraft, with high crosswind capability, and anAE300 Austro Engine make the DA40 a joy to fly and a great training platform. Private owners will delight in the performance, handling, high quality finish, luxurious interior, thoughtful details and comfort features.

DA 42-VI :

Build with carbon fiber material, with twin 170hp Jet fuel AE300 Engines DA 42-VI combines all the likable advantages of DA42 New Génération with better performance and comfort.

DA 62 :

The DA62 moves more passengers and equipment further and faster than anything else in its class, with exceptional fuel efficiency, luxury and twin-engine security. DA 62 represents the new high standard for General Aviation, with style, carbon fiber design and superior flight performances.

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