In general aviation, Diamond Aircraft is undeniably the most innovative brand of the last twenty years.
The concepts proposed, certified and produced by Diamond Aircraft jostle codes, for aircraft that offer incredible features.
We have been providing distribution and technical support for the brand in France since 2010 and we are very proud of it.

DA 40

The DA 40 New Generation will always be a wise choice: This modern, safe, state-of-the-art avionics composite and the 168 hp Austro Engine AE300 engine running on the Jet-A1 form an excellent IFR platform for learning to fly and to travel. Excellent flying qualities, low fuel consumption, and beautiful panoramic vision from the cockpit.

Le DA 50 RG

Enjoy the comfort of the new top-of-the-range Diamond single-engine with retractable gear, the DA50 RG offers an extra-large and luxury cabin equipped with five seats and a large hold. Powered by a Continental CD-300 six-cylinder 300 hp engine, the DA50 RG is equipped with the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite coupled with a GFC700 three-axis autopilot. Now EASA certified, this new Diamond Aircraft combines safety, design and innovation for a unique flying experience.

DA 42-VI

Constructed from carbon fiber and equipped with two state-of-the-art engines Austro Engine AE300 170cv, the DA 42-VI combines all the assets most appreciated by the DA 42 New Generation with better performance and greater comfort.

DA 62

The DA 62 is built to offer more room on board offering you an extraordinary travel experience. The large cabin offers passengers unprecedented comfort and represents the new standard for General Aviation. A distinguished style, a lightweight carbon design and superior flight qualities.

For more information, visit DIAMOND AIRCRAFT website!

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