The off-road of the airs

AEROPRAKT offers ultra-light and highly modular ULM aircraft: real “off-road” sky!
We provide distribution and technical support for the brand in France for models A22L2 and A32L.


With its advanced exterior finishes and spacious cabin for an ultra-light, the A22L2 is very versatile and flexible: wheel sizes suitable for all surfaces, kit “ski” and kit “floats”, it can also tow streamers or gliders . Its constant qualities are a high quality of flight, its ease of piloting, and of course its unbeatable rates.


The A32L is an evolution of the A22 Foxbat in its ULM configuration, after 3 years of research development at AEROPRAKT. The device is robust, reliable, easy to fly, and offers a range of 1300 km in flight thanks to its fuel tank of 90 liters. The A32L is an ULM just as “Swiss Army Knife” as the A22L2, but with even more refined design, finish and performance.

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