With more than eighty years of experience in aerostructure, Sonaca Aircraft has quickly established itself on the general aviation market with its SONACA 200 aircraft in Trainer Pro and NG versions.

Of conventional construction, these two-seaters are equipped with an aluminium airframe, rigid flight controls, leaf springs and a front wheel combined with a Beringer brake system. Equipped with a latest generation powertrain consisting of a Rotax 915 engine (running on unleaded automotive gasoline) delivering 115 HP, in addition to a DUC propeller with fixed pitch, they are particularly appreciated by training schools and flying clubs.

High-performance, dynamic and above all real teaching tools, instructors will appreciate their accessibility, the comfort and silence of these two aircrafts (67.9 db), but also the high level of safety offered. The SONACA 200 Trainer Pro and NG offer a payload of around 270,00 Kg, thus limiting the search for compromises in use.

Due to their design, technical solutions and maintenance programme, the SONACA 200 are probably among the best aircraft in terms of operation and the most economical on the general aviation market today.

Sonaca 200 Trainer NG

Fully equipped for night VFR flight, the Sonaca 200 Trainer NG offers a complete and modern instrument panel: Gamin GI 275, digital engine control system, artificial horizon (which allows to do without a vacuum pump) and navigation aid.

Ergonomically designed with a classic T-shaped instrument layout, the instrument panel is also equipped with a digital engine monitoring system.

Sonaca 200 Trainer Pro

Equipped with the same equipment as the NG, the glass cockpit version of the Sonaca 200 Trainer offers TSO certified instruments: Garmin G500 TXI coupled with the GTN navigator with a multifunctional and evolving display, depending on the connectivity and compatibility with other Garmin products or different equipment manufacturers.

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